Gebeya Core Curriculum

Gebeya Core : Practical Project Based Training Model

Being a software engineer is much more than knowing how to program and code. Several people choose to study computer science and information system in universities or private institutions hoping to one day build software engineering careers. As a software engineer your goal is to produce reliable and quality applications and software. Which means you have to think and operate like an engineer; by dealing with configuration control, project management, software development processes and methods, and several topics that are not included in most computers science curricula. The Gebeya training model goes beyond what you learn in universities. It essentially prepares you to become a software engineer in the real world. Our training model is essentially practical at its core. This really means as a trainee you will be learning by doing, it will feel like you are an employee in training. The goal of the Gebeya core is to give you both the practical and technical skills that will prepare you for a career as a software engineer. Moreover, the Gebeya core is a prep module and a sure path to be accepted in the Gebeya professional training, which requires more experience and qualifications.