Courses Schedule

The Gebeya calendar has information about available time slots for training sessions. Currently there are 4 possible sessions choices: Morning, Afternoon, Night and Weekend. The final class schedules will be made available after the registration period closes and will be based on demand.

NOTICE: The information included in Gebeya class schedules is not to be regarded as a contract between the trainee and Gebeya that cannot be recalled. Gebeya reserves the right to change, when warranted, any of the provisions, schedules, programs, courses, or fees, as might be required.

Gebeya Schedule Available Slots

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00:00 AM              
9:00:00 AM Morning Session Morning Session Professional Dev Only Morning Session Professional Dev Only Weekend Session Weekend Session
10:00:00 AM
11:00:00 AM          
12:00:00 PM              
1:00:00 PM              
2:00:00 PM Afternoon Session Afternoon Session   Afternoon Session   Weekend Session  
3:00:00 PM      
4:00:00 PM            
5:00:00 PM              
6:00:00 PM Night Session Night Session Professional Dev Only Night Session Professional Dev Only    
7:00:00 PM    
8:00:00 PM              
9:00:00 PM