Gebeya Professional Curriculum

Gebeya Professional : Practical Project Based Training Model

An African people trend is the shortage of skilled software engineering and IT talent, which have led to most organizations having a significant backlog of projects awaiting completion. As a result, "citizen developer" initiatives have taken place to feed the enterprise software and application (app) development gap, leading to business users and do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) using a variety of third party tools to develop low-quality solutions apps. On the other end African businesses have always heavily relied on imported talented from Europe, America and Asia, because simply they don’t trust the skills of local talent. Gebeya training is specifically designed to meet both the need of the aspiring African software engineering and IT professionals and the demanding enterprises requiring the best. A software engineer needs to follow a defined engineering process to build software, just like an architect who constructs a building following a defined process. The implication is improving the skills of existing software developers and IT talent and transferring knowledge to trainees enabling them to become development operations (DevOps) engineers, mobile application engineers, web application engineers, user interface (UI) designers, and user experience (UX) designers to meet the demand of the African market.