Software Development Training Program

Fast-track your way to becoming one of the industry standard

This is a special 6-month intensive full-time course created by JICA as a financial/tech supporter, Safaricom (Ethiopia) as the co-builder of curriculum and Gebeya as the training institution partner.
This scholarship program also covers most of the training costs for those who make it to the program. The trainees will also receive a completion certification at the end of the program.
This program has 4 courses trainees can pick from:

To be eligible, you need to

  • Be available to take the course for 6 months, in-person
  • Be able to take the course in-person
  • Be based in Addis Ababa

For graduates in Computer Science/Software Engineering (or 3rd year undergraduates in the field)

  • Mobile App Engineering: A Mobile App Engineering intensive course (Basic understanding of Java, and Programming required)
  • Back-end Engineering: A Back-End engineering intensive course (Basic understanding of java and Programming required)
  • DevOpsEngineering: A DevOps engineering intensive course (Basic understanding of Bash Scripting an d Linux command required)

For STEM graduates and other enthusiasts interested software engineering
  • Fundamentals in Software Engineering: An introductory software engineering course

Applications are now open and will be closed on September 15, 2023 Select your preferred course and apply below