Microsoft 4Afrika SkillsLab Program

How does the application process work?

  • Acceptance into the Microsoft 4Afrika SkillsLab Program is a 5-step process:
    1. After submitting your application, you will get an acknowledgement receipt via email from the Gebeya team.
    2. Your application will be put into a screening process queue for a thorough and diligent review.
    3. Within three days, you will receive an acceptance or denial decision status of phase 1 of the application process. If accepted, you will be invited to take online technical (programming skill) and aptitude tests.
    4. If you scored passing marks, you will be scheduled for online interviews two days later.
    5. After the interview, you will receive a final acceptance or denial into the program. If accepted, you will get a welcome package and an invitation for online orientation.
  • Tuition and Scholarship

    Once admitted into the Microsoft 4Afrika SkillsLab Program, you will automatically become eligible for a full scholarship funded by Microsoft. Your tuition, which is set at 21,450 ETB ($650) for the duration of the 3-month training, will be fully covered.

Eligibility and Qualification

  • Applicants must either be residents of or be located in Ethiopia for the complete duration of the cohort.
  • Each cycle of the Microsoft 4Afrika SkillsLab Program will be offered for a 3-month period.
  • Gebeya will be training in the following tracks Data Science, DevOps and AI. To qualify for one of these courses, applicants must have a degree in Engineering and/or related fields, computer Science and/or IT fields and Mathematics with a thorough understanding of IT.
  • For applicants who don’t have a degree in the fields mentioned in the above paragraph, they will be considered qualified for the program if they possess a strong programming background or an extensive practical experience of at least 2 years in an IT field or should be a final year student in one of the aforementioned fields. Space is very limited and submitting an application does not guarantee a seat in the program

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